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Gun charges require an lawyers with the strong experience and ability.  Gun charges have come to be treated very harshly by prosecutors in Nassau County, Suffolk County and New York Cities five boroughs.  Prosecutors seek upstate jail sentences of up to 7 years in many cases.  Even individuals with no prior criminal record are faced with severe prison sentences.

Palermo Tuohy Bruno, P.L.L.C., have handled hundreds of gun charges and is well versed in up to date on all tactics utilized by prosecutors when defending clients who face gun charges.  His depth of experience is especially important when an individuals freedom is on the line.  We have often resolved gun charges with no jail time and has successfully tried gun cases where a loss would have most certainly meant extended jail time for his client.

If you are facing a gun charge, it is important to remember that the right attorney can make all of the difference.  Call us today at  1-800-268-1315  24/7.  

We also work with ballistic experts and other evidence professionals to defend our clients.  When you are facing a gun charge, turn to the lawyers who leaves no stone unturned.  Call today.

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