New York State Penal Law

  1. General purposes

  5. General rules of construction and application

10. Definitions

15. Culpability

20. Parties to offenses and liability through accessorial conduct

25. Defenses in general

30. Defense of infancy

35. Defense of justification

40. Other defenses involving lack of culpability

55. Classification and designation of offenses

60. Authorized dispositions of offenders

65. Sentences of probation,conditional discharge and unconditional discharge

70. Sentences of imprisonment

80. Fines

85. Sentence of intermittent imprisonment

100. Criminal solicitation

105. Conspiracy

110. Attempt

115. Criminal facilitation

120. Assault and related offenses

121. Strangulation and related offenses

125. Homicide, abortion and related offenses

130. Sex offenses

135. Kidnapping, coercion and related offenses

140. Burglary and related offenses

145. Criminal mischief and related offenses

150. Arson

155. Larceny

156. Offenses involving computers; definition of terms

158. Welfare fraud

160. Robbery

165. Other offenses relating to theft

170. Forgery and related offenses

175. Offenses involving false written statements

176. Insurance fraud

177. Health care fraud

178. Criminal diversion of prescription medications and prescriptions

180. Bribery not involving public servants, and related offenses

185. Frauds on creditors

187. Residential Mortgage Fraud

190. Other frauds

195. Official misconduct and obstruction of public servants generally

200. Bribery involving public servants and related offenses

205. Escape and other offenses relating to custody

210. Perjury and related offenses

215. Other offenses relating to judicial and other proceedings

220. Controlled substances offenses

221. Offenses involving marihuana

225. Gambling offenses

230. Prostitution offenses

235. Obscenity and related offenses

240. Offenses against public order

241. Harassment of rent regulated tenants

242. Offenses against service animals and handlers

245. Offenses against public sensibilities

250. Offenses against the right to privacy

255. Offenses affecting the marital relationship

260. Offenses relating to children and incompetents

263. Sexual performance by a child

265. Firearms and other dangerous weapons

270. Other offenses relating to public safety

275. Offenses relating to unauthorized recording of sound

400. Licensing and other provisions relating to firearms

405. Licensing and other provisions relating to fireworks

410. Seizure and forfeiture of equipment used in promoting pornography

415. Seizure and forfeiture of vehicles, vessels and aircraft

     used to transport or conceal gambling records.

420. Seizure and destruction of unauthorized recordings of sound

     and forfeiture of equipment used in the production thereof.

450. Disposal of stolen property

460. Enterprise corruption

470. Money laundering

480. Criminal forfeiture - felony controlled substance offenses

485. Hate crimes

490  Terrorism

500. Laws repealed; time of taking effect

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